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Guides Empty Guides

Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:02 pm

There are many guides around to help you along the are some of the most useful ones.

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Guides Empty Bandana Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:58 pm

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Guides Empty Map

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:58 pm

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Guides Empty Sewer Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 1:59 pm

i know that in the question section of the forum someone asks for this list at least once every couple of days... so i decided to search through the forums and put together the following info that i found... if anyone can help out with the stats needed to face certain monsters it would be helpful.. and hopefully we can get this list out and stop answering the questions.

Dragon HP: 55

Rat Swarm HP: 60

Giant Centipede HP: 80

Crazed Wanderer HP: 120

Snidely Wanderer: 130

Diseased Rat Swarm: 140

Alligator HP: 160

Eastern Centipede: 170

Venomous Centipede: 180

Bandit HP: 200

Dark Bandit: 225

Rock Python HP: 250

Poisonous Coiled Snake: 300

Bear HP: 350

Black Bear: 370

Renegade Bandit: 380

Around 6k Str + Def
Giant Crab HP: 400

Crocodile: 475

At around 12,500stats
Crazy Rabid Monkey HP:600

At around 18,000 stats
Minotaur HP:800

Around 22,000
Mythic Hero HP:800

At around 26,000 stats
Neptune Minion HP:2200

35K str + def
Poseidon's Fury HP:3200

At around 46,000 stats
Black Beard's Ghost HP:3,800

At around 48,000 stats
Skeleton Ranger HP:4,000
(41k strength to beat... zombie)

73Kish stats (defense + strength)
Dark Pirate Lord HP:12,000
(Around 60k attack to defeat for the first time... thanks dante)

Mystic fury- you should be able to beat him at 600k natural strenght...i haven't fought him so i dont have his strenghth

POISON EFFECTS (thanks Panda... You successfully sent 5 Naval Protection 1 's to ★★Panda™️©️®️... for all your input.)

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Guides Empty Smuggling Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:00 pm

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Guides Empty Temple Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:01 pm

This guide is currently in the works and will be improved upon as I and others access and work the temples over the next few days. If you have any information you would like to provide, please post it and it will be added to this guide shortly.

Table of Contents

1: Introduction
•1a: What are the Temples?
•1b: How to Enter
•1c: Do's & Don'ts
•1d: Respected vs Non-Respected
2: The Tokens
• 2a: Torches
• 2b: Carvings
• 2c: Burnings
• 2d: Reliefs
• 2e: Miscellaneous
3: Token Shops
4: Temple Locations, Rooms & Requirements
• 4a: Old Providence - The Ruins
• 4b: Shipwreck Cove - The Ship Wreck
• 4c: Monkey Island - The Monkey Temple
• 4d: Key West - The Swamp
5: Monsters
6: Rewards
7: Coming Soon

1. Introduction

1a. What are the Temples?

The Temples are a new feature to PirateQuest created in response to a public poll that favored a treasure hunt like quest game. The Temples are located on Shipwreck Cove, Monkey Island, Key West and Old Providence with possibly more to come in the future. The Temples are also part of the daily freebies once you have acquired the appropriate tokens to access them. The rewards vary from more tokens, to items to money.

1b. How to Enter

To enter a temple you must acquire the tokens it asks for which are covered below under section four Temple Locations & Requirements. You must have these tokens each time you enter for once you enter, the tokens disappear and with the server reset each day the temples reset. Once inside, some tunnels within the temples will ask for more tokens in order to continue on. You must have all the tokens in order to continue after you enter the temple.

1c. Do's & Don'ts

To make the most out of the temples here are some things you should and shouldn't do:

• Keep as many of your tokens as possible. Since these are one use items only, you will need as many as possible to get into the temples each day.

• Don't buy from the market unless the item costs less than its value.

• Plunder the sewers as often as you can if you don't want to spend points on maps and pillages to acquire your tokens.

• Vote every day to get the torches.

• If you have an excessive amount of one token and are lacking others, head over to the Market forum and see if people are willing to swap tokens with you.

• And lastly, if you have the spare change, purchase the three packs from Final Motive which are: Temple Set, Temple Set 2 and Torch Pack.

1d: Respected vs Non-Respected

Just like with pillaging and the maps, there is a significant difference with what you get in the temples with the type of an account you have. You get more reward from the Temples if you are a Respected Pirate. Using myself as an example:

• As a Swashbuckler, my daily average for one temple without using the carvings, reliefs, and burnings I would earn around 100k.

• As a Non-RP, my daily average for one temple without using the carvings, reliefs, and burnings I would earn around 20k.

As you can see there is a huge difference in what you would earn between a RP and a non-RP account.

2. The Tokens

You can acquire tokens either from the market, pillages, maps, sewers, shops, packs, voting and/or the temples themselves. Torches and Miscellaneous tokens are used to get into the temples. The Carvings, Reliefs, and Burnings are used inside the temple to get to the treasure safely.

Below are the tokens:

2a. Torches

• Simple Torch [Torch Pack, Voting]
• Basic Torch [Torch Pack, Voting]
• Lasting Torch [Voting]

2b. Carvings (Temple Set)
• Stone Cannon Carving
• Stone Gun Carving
• Stone Knife Carving
• Stone Monkey Carving
• Stone Shark Carving
• Stone Turtle Carving

2c. Burnings (Temple Set 2)
• Wooden Gator Burning
• Wooden Snake Burning
• Wooden Turtle Burning

2d. Reliefs (Temple Set 2)
• Wooden Maiden Relief
• Wooden Neptune Relief
• Wooden Octo Relief

2e. Miscellaneous
• Black Pearl [Grand Pirate Palace]
• Machete [St. John's]
• Medium Loot Bag [Floating Shop]
• Monkey Island Map [San Juan]
• Pearl [Cartagena]
• Piece of 8 [Nassau]
• Shovel [Portobello]

3. Token Shops

This is a list of where you can purchase the tokens and how much they will cost you.

St. John's - Long John's Shop
• Machete - $2,400

Floating Shop - Worldly Goods Shop
• Medium Loot Bag - $1,800

Grand Pirate Palace - Turkish Delight Shop
• Black Pearl - $5,200

Portobello - Donna Bell's Shop
• Shovel - $2,000

Cartagena - Cartagena Shipyard Shop
• Pearl - $3,500 + $1,000 port tax

San Juan - Juan it? We Got It! Shop
• Monkey Island Map - $1,800

Nassau - Nothing to Sea Here! Shop
• Piece of 8 - $3,800

Torch Pack - $5.00 US
• Simple Torch x 10
• Basic Torch x 2

Temple Set - $1.75 US
• Stone Turtle Carving x 1
• Stone Monkey Carving x 1
• Stone Shark Carving x 1
• Stone Cannon Carving x 1
• Stone Gun Carving x 1
• Stone Knife Carving x 1

Temple Set 2 - $1.75 US
• Wooden Turtle Burning x 1
• Wooden Gator Burning x 1
• Wooden Snake Burning x 1
• Wooden Neptune Relief x 1
• Wooden Octo Relief x 1
• Wooden Maiden Relief x 1

Daily Voting - Free
• Simple Torch x 2
• Basic Torch x 1
• Lasting Torch x 1

4. Temple Locations, Rooms & Requirements

After you have entered you have three rooms* you can visit. One room will lead you to a group of pulls in which you have three chances daily to search for a reward. Another room is empty but does have a reward and the third room will lead you to a room where you must use the Carvings, Reliefs, or Burnings to proceed and find your reward. But be forewarned, should you fail--and there is a chance that you can fail--you will be attacked by monsters!

* subject to change with future updates

4a. Old Providence - The Ruins

• Lasting Torch
• Piece of 8
• Black Pearl [or $12,000 when Closed]

The Relief Room
• Stone Cannon Carving
• Stone Gun Carving
• Stone Knife Carving

If you do not have the carvings you can attempt to move the block on your own at the risk of your life. Failing will cause several alcoves to open up and unseen natives will snatch and kill you.

The Stairwell

An empty room except for a dead skeleton in which you scavenge it's belongings. Beyond this room is the Chain Room.

The Chain Room

Three Chains hang from the wall giving you three chances to find loot.

4b. Shipwreck Cove - The Ship Wreck

• Monkey Island Map
• Simple Torch
• Piece of 8 [or $10,000 when Closed]

Hieroglyphics Room
•Wooden Neptune Relief
•Wooden Octo Relief
•Wooden Maiden Relief.

If you do not have the reliefs you can attempt to open the chest on your own at the risk of your life. Failing will cause a boulder to fall from above and kill you.

The Hull

An empty room except for a satchel on the floor in which you scavenge it's contents for a reward. Beyond this room is the Barrel Room.

The Barrel Room

Three barrels sit in a cargo hold giving you three chances to find loot.

4c. Monkey Island - The Monkey Temple

• Basic Torch
• Machete
• Pearl [or $9,000 when Closed]

The Two Corridors

The first room you come to in the temple that have two corridors leading to The Vine Room and the Hieroglyphics Room. You also find a dead skeleton in which you can scavenge for a reward.

The Vine Room

Three vines hang from the ceiling giving you three chances to find loot.

Hieroglyphics Room
• Stone Turtle Carving
• Stone Monkey Carving
• Stone Shark Carving

If you do not have the carvings you can attempt to move the tile on your own at the risk of your life. Failing will cause a horde of monkeys to leap onto you and kill you.

• Machete
• Simple Torch
• Shovel
• Medium Loot Bag [or $12,000 when Closed]

Two Paths, One Right Choice

A fork in the road essentially. One path will lead to the Swamp Burnings and the other will lead to the Tree of Giving. You also find a satchel on the floor in which you can scavenge for a reward.

The Swamp Burnings
• Wooden Gator Burning
• Wooden Snake Burning
• Wooden Turtle Burning

If you do not have the burnings you can attempt to move the stump on your own at the risk of your life. Failure will cause an alligator to leap out of the swamp water and drag you under, killing you.

Tree of Giving

Three vines hang from a tree giving you three chances to find loot.

5: Monsters

Random chance that you can be attacked by the following monsters:

The Ruins - unseen natives in hidden alcoves.
The Swamp - a huge alligator
The Monkey Temple - a horde of monkeys
The Ship Wreck - a boulder

If attacked it is an automatic failure and you will be sent to the chiru for twenty minutes. You will not be able to continue exploring the temples until you are out of the chiru.

6: Rewards

Rewards range from tokens, rare items and a random number of coins. However if you complete all four temples in the same day you will be given an additional reward of $100,000 coins as a bonus. You must use all the required tokens for each temple in order to receive the bonus. The bonus is paid directly to your hand.

7: Coming Soon

We don't know when yet but we'll keep you posted when we hear more on it but this is the latest from the gossiping wenches concerning new content:

"... in the future look for more temples, more rooms, and more items as rewards... Also, a noobie temple is to launch soon." - Superman [12 Nov, 2008]

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Guides Empty Equipment Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:02 pm

Posted by Scalyman:

Gunner Vs Players

PFP, MSL, Mayan Sword (A Bill Hook will do if you cannot afford a Mayan Sword)
(Sometimes a Mayan Spear is useful too as it does more bonus damage at the expense of your potential ambush) and Pirates Hat.

Gunner Vs NPC (sewers)

Broad Cutlass, Chain Shirt, Mayan Sword and Pirates Hat.
(Even Gunners need to use a Sword in the sewers to avoid dying from misfires)

A PFP is by far a better Gun than a DBF (as it does more bonus damage than a DBF)

Simian for Wars and OCH for exp, actually.

Posted by Darius Blythe:

I was once a a ship player when i wanted to give land stats a rest. You need both an och and a simians hat. If you have a crew above say around 80 or so and near the point that you would gain one speed on your ship it is handy to use a simians hat to take out bigger ships than yours. All other times an och is well worth its money for saving cannons and the extra exp you gain. Of course this can work at any level but i found the simians to be most affective after about 80. Others may dissagree with that point im not sure.

Oh and dont forget the importance of grenades, i have won way too many battles at sea because of them. Many will tell you the bigger the better but as far as value for money gos powder flasks are my favorite. Pretty decent and wont cost as much as say a mesh stone or a coconut which are only slightly better.

Posted by Snakebeard:

Blade-Spinner VS Players

— Broad Cutlass or French Sabre according to your opponents's build, obviously the Broad Cutlass against defense accounts and the sabre against speed builds. Some exceptions, but good general rule. Broadsword or Assassin's Dirk, respectively, for those on a budget.

— Pirate Shirt for the speed boost. Slightly more speed can be had from the Mayan Armor with a strength penalty. Likewise Chain Shirt for greater strength if speed doesn't matter greatly.

— OCH for the strength and speed boost, Pirates Hat gets you 2% more strength but no speed.

— Mayan Sword for strength bonus against gunners, or Mayan Spear for speed boost against swordsmen or gunners with high speed.

Blade-Spinner VS NPCs (sewers)

Broad Cutlass, Pirate Shirt (or Chain Shirt for +STR if necessary), OCH, and Mayan Sword.

Posted by Darius Blythe:

In my opinion dussages should not be used by sword users but should be used by gunners when going against sword users. A sword user should use a broadsword or dirk at the lower end of the scale. Broadsword for sewers and against gunners, dirk for against other sword users.

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Guides Empty Poison Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:03 pm

with the price of poison being so high here is a good way to maximize your poison run

this is the best way to do one to level up with if you are a low level but is a lot of work--i would suggest you copying and pasting into the fleet forum--

items needed--pirate shirt--dirk-- hero helm-mayan spear--points for healing---75 strycs---200 snuff to practice with--np 2--djs---enough cash to get into ports---can ask kay if you are unsure about any of that---can substitute a hook hand if no mayan spear available
do things in the following order--empty your inventory of all but the above--use the snuff loading them one at a time as practice for loading the poison--you want to do 50 really fast--the faster you do it the more you get to kill and kills equal levels
next go to friends list and empty it--then map out a route that you will be going to do your run placing your ship halfway between the first and second port and heading in the right direction toward the third and fourth one--can do more as you feel capable
practice traveling your route with you ship as fast as possible remembering that the first switch should involve no real traveling but merely clicking to sea then to the second port
now start your hit list--starting at your first port do a search looking for pirates above level 250 who are offline--i would suggest nassau as a starting point are many high levels there and pirate point as your next stop then monkey island and shipwreck going on from there--is an easy route to take and fast
list every pirate in nassau above that level as your friend in your contacts--then do a search of pirate point listing every pirate above those levels as your enemy--next island list as friends--continue on switching back and forth this will allow you to know when you are doing your run to switch islands easily

okay now you should be ready to do it having practiced with snuff at loading fast--having practiced your route
now it the time to do the run--

do it in the following order

go to your starting point then click to the first port--

open a second tab that is on the use points page--and a third tab that goes to your inventory--the first tab should be on your contact list

take the np2--take the djs--take 50 poison as fast as you can then immediately switch tabs to your contact list and start killing at the top of it working you way down--kill a pirate-back to contact list--kill a pirate--back to contact list-when you get to your enemies switch ports--when you get back to your friends again switch ports again--continue doing this till you die--when take happens switch to your point page use 3 points to heal then switch to your inventory page and take the other 25 poisons--you should be able to do this in the two minutes it takes to heal easy---switch back to your contact list finding where you left off--when you are healed start killing again till you die a second time--at this point you run is basically over--you can use 3 more points and heal then go kill some lower levels for whichever port you are in but i doubt if it be worth it--if done correctly you will have completed your run without anyone online noticing and no one threw a pineapple at you and ruined it--the faster you kill the more levels that you get--if you are fast enough 50 levels is possible
i would suggest leaving the training fleet to do it and either going to the big fleet or another fleet who wants the fleet xp that will be gained--no sense in making the training fleet a target
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Guides Empty Game Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:04 pm

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Guides Empty New Player Info

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:06 pm

Read the rules, FAQ, Player Help Guides (Lefthand bottom menu), and the Questions and other forum boards.
Study the Inventory -> ITEM GUIDE & Prices of them in case you plan to sell items at market.

Stay at TORTUGA till you are level 5, then the game will kick yer butt auto out of there, if you haven't left earlier.

The moment you buy yourself a ship, you cannot have a job anymore.

When you leave Tortuga, your safety place, you can never return there, as it is only a starter training ground for new players, and a safety place from the higher levels.
Try to stay there as long as possible and train up your stats, gather weapon/armor and get a bit stronger.

First of all, do these actions:
Pillage The Village, and right after Buy a Treasure Map.
In your first map you will receive Your treasure Chest, that is your bank, and that is where you ALWAYS should put away/hide your cash/gold.

Next go to the Job Center and take a job, that is steady income, low such, but you will gain xp (experience) in stats with it as well.
Remember to update the job when you have more of the required xp.

Then when you have gathered $1000, go to Move Hideout, and get yourself a Wretched Alcove or higher. Study the Hideout page, see how you will get better awake, the better hide you have, and the better Awake, the better trains you get.

These both actions you can find at the Island Name page.
There you can study many other actions and links as well.
If you do attacks, kill someone, do sewers or you do a crime, pickpock, bust someone out of jail, you will gain xp what will make you level easily when you are low level. Sometimes those are so to say, unwanted experience.
To level will get harder the higher you get, the more xp you need.
But try to stay at Tortuga as long as you can, and train and train again.

At the upper border
Coins:$$ Get Coins!
Click on the link Get Coins or go to My PQ.
Get Coins:
Pictures with description of the missions, and direct links for to do them.
My PQ:
There will be a list of Noob Missions at the righthand lower border, it is a way for newbs to earn some starter cash and points.
Points you can sell at the Points Market, or you can keep them and save up for when you are higher.

For a non RP=Respected Player (RP=paying member) your training success will go all down to 15%, it will get lower and lower each time you train, for an RP it goes to 25%.
You can only get back to 100% by leveling, but think twice before doing it, do you want to be a strong lower level player, or do you want to be a high level player with low stats, a so to say, xp-cow? Xp-cows are hit often cause of the experience they give, just have to get use to the
Hospital/Hospital jelly. lol

It depends on you, and your wish what kind of player you want to be.

You cannot post at the forum before you are level 5, but at The Crier (shoutbox) you can post with level 3, if you need help and to ask something, mail a player what you think will probably be kind enough to reply to you, you can find those who are online at The Crier. (see lefthand menu)

Correction here, it seems you are able to post the first post in a thread when lower than level 5, have just no clue at what level. I think it is level 3.

Be polite when you write at the crier, Don't shout = use caps, that is very rude.
Don't beg/ask for items, money, ratings, points nothing, only for help in the game play, or other such, beggars are the lowest of low in this game, and will make you get killed on and on again.

If someone mails you and thanks for a purchase, or other good deed you did, and tell you they rated you up a +1, act politely, rate the person back +1 or -1 too, it is usually written at the profile if they want a + or a - rate.
If nothing written you can ask in a mail which one they like.

Don't ask to rate you, only if you deserve it, people usually don't do favors.
Ratings are in my mind, only given to people who rightfully deserve it, and not for all or nothing.
I think the above answered to the question, why ratings. (Also check below as example of how to use ratings, read what the players has been written after my this post.)

When someone gives you a gift, or helps you, naturally you will mail them and thank them.
When someone is nasty, then off course you can rate them down, or up.

Online hits on land is considered rude at PQ, at sea it is mostly ok.
Beware of to not pp aka pick pock someone online much, people don't like it and you can be killed for every time you are for a day or longer, specially if they are much higher level than you, it is not much tolerated.

Don't kill a cashcow = someone who has a lots of money on them, there might be more people pp'ng(pick pocking) them, and if you kill such a player heavy loaded with cash in their hand, you will be called a cashcow killer, and then you have them all after you who was pp them at the same time.
Lesson, Don't kill people you can mug.

Join a training fleet, obey the rules ingame, and in the fleet, and you will do well, training-fleets will teach you how to play mostly, and as well they can borrow you weapons/armors better than what you can afford ever in the start of the game.

Here below is a link for newbies about joining a fleet, it is an old thread written by a respected, and I don't mean respected as paying member, but a respected player in the community, one of these we can call "oldies" in this game, players of the "old school", Crystylline.

She has apparently sold her account, and I don't know if she is still around here with a nooby account compared to what she had. lol
She knew what she was writing about, and it is in your interest to read her advices, and listen to them. Despite of the thread being old, the same principals still holds all the way along till today.

Enjoy the reading there and learn Very Happy
Thank you Crys for having created it with your extraordinary knowledge, and your good heart to help out new players.
(Thank you iTruth! to point this out Smile)

But please read this post all first before you jump there to read. I guaranty it will turn confusing that way. It is better to do one thing at time Wink
Keep a low profile, read forum tips for playing, don't get on anyones nerves, be polite and make friends.
Thats the best way you will be accepted into the community.

Do daily Search of the settlement, buy the treasure map, vote to get points, these are the 3 essential for daily playing.

If you are thinking of doing purchases, and need to take a lots of cash out from your treasure chest for that, suicide empty handed on someone big enough that you are sure you will get hospitalized by.
Then you got 20 min of immunity from mugs and attacks, but you can't either do neither of them yourself.

You can also get out to the sea, to a safe spot for to do purchases, hit on rocks so your ships HP will get below 50% and you will be under radar and other ships will not see you, same tip for when you do smuggling etc.

When someone sinks you out at sea, and you have cash in your hand, they will raid you for 50/50, hand/treasure chest. If you got lots of cash, you can buy eg. shields at Havana, and keep them instead of cash in your chest, then the raiding amount at sea will be less. When you sell the shields, in need, sell back to the game, you will only loose $5 per, thats not much.

If you are not holding any cash at hand, they will receive $0 when they sink you,
depending how much you are holding.

If you are not an RP, will say paying member, the cash from sales of your items you've put at the market place, will go to your hand, some people might like to buy stuff of you when you are offline, then they can mug you out of the cash, so if you have something on the market, take it off before you go offline for longer time.

Cash goes to hand when you are non-rp and it goes to chest when you are RP.
Unless you are frozen, then the cash will be sent to your hand when points or items are bought from the market.
(Thanks hosss for this corrected info Wink)

Market Place
First of all when you put items at the market to sell, be sure you are NOT selling below it's cost value of selling back to the game, you will loose lots of $$$$$$ there.

A side note, the Tokens for the temples, check them specially if you buy at the islands, and resell them.
(Check Gorc's signature links below.)

Check the prices here:
(Thank you Panda Smile)

If you have ideas of selling fast, then check carefully if it's more worth to sell back to the game or not.

Any corrections, or more that comes in my mind, might be added afterward, also anyone who has tips and tricks can add it in this thread Very Happy

Any questions from any newb, can be made at this thread, or you can pm me, I will gladly help if I only can, and att! help doesn't mean cash, items or anything like that, but guidance in the gameplay.

Please be sure to check Gorc's links as well for help in other issues, at his profile/Forum signature.
There are several posts by him at this thread. Very Happy

Now just a small add, if you approx people with an aggressive attitude, and you irradiate hostility, don't expect to get any sympathy back Wink

This is a good advise for new and old players.

I have only a few links inserted here at my help guide, why? Well how will you learn to find them, if you don't have to search them for yourself, this is the best way, believe me.
Btw. the link to World page/HOF (Hall Of Fame) can be found at the bottom of the page.

New add May 25th:

Now when we have the updated PQ I will time by time be adding new stuff here, but for the start, let us talk about THEMES.

Okay the CLASSIC Theme is the Old theme, it is a better choice for slower connections and apparently has less lag.
Then DEFAULT Theme is the new one with fancy stuff like the jungle background, different training system, and at sea you can see the ship types from the pictures. Only a Sloop doesn't have picture.
Also Sewers you will find different, it gives an x-tra bonus at DEFAULT, what it doesn't give at the Classic one.

Now to the question, where can you find the settings to change?

At CLASSIC you go to
SETTINGS-> 1st option is:
THEME-> Set DEFAULT (Scrolldown box)-> UPDATE-> Refresh the page with CONTROL and F5, that will do a deep refresh, meaning refreshing the Internet Cache as well.

(Scrolldown box)-> CHANGE -> CTRL and F5 (same as above)

Then once you are at the setting page, get to know what you can do from there, as setting your preferences, avatar, profile and forum signature.
Check also your Email preferences in case you don't want to get alerts to your Emails each time someone send you an ingame msg.
Game Notes, there you can save what you want, something you want to have easy in hand, etc.

If you want to check the state of your Subscription, at the Default Theme, you will find it at the Settings page as well.


You can find them out at the sea on FLOATING RAFTS, they can also be bought on the ITEM MARKET->EDIBLES, there are different type of Fruits what gives the name their coloring.
But how? you may ask, easy.
CAST/THROW, someone can cast/throw a FRUIT on you, (or you can throw on someone) when they do, your name and ship name will be instantly colored for 15 min.
EAT, you got to have the fruit in your inventory, they will be under EDIBLES.
Under the fruit you have choices, and you can see an EAT and THROW button.
When you EAT it will color your own name and ship name, the duration is much longer now when you EAT the fruit. It should last 1 hour, but there is a bug what makes the coloring stay for much longer.
You cannot remove the coloring in any way, so you just have to wait till it wears out lol.

Check out this great guide of Bridge, How to live without being rich at PQ

Bridge's Guide to Life - On the cheap

Thats about it.
I hope this will help you at your start.

Good Luck! Enjoy and have fun!

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Guides Empty Panda's PQ Videos

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:07 pm

Amelinda Jax
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Guides Empty Bridge's Guide to Life on the Cheap

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:11 pm

I've been playing this game for well over a year now, and I've made plenty of mistakes. I've seen many players come and go, and many strategies for playing the game.

Recently there has been a large volume of people complaining they can't play the game without constantly buying packs of points etc. - so I decided to waste time writing a guide for new players on how to make plenty of cash and in time rise through the ranks. You will not do it very quickly without RL investment, but it's still very possible IMHO.

To start, I feel it is possible to make it in the game in your own account without much financial investment, it just takes a long time to get going (or a real cash investment can speed things up, your choice how much.) The key once you get the idea is patience, and how much time you care to invest over money.

As a new player you need to train and level as much as possible to get your strength up, as quickly as possible. Upgrading your hideout when you can will provide many advantages, but consider how much extra awake you're actually getting in comparison to spiralling costs (I reckon the $1,000,000 hideout is the best value for money.)

A good way to make immediate cash is completing the newbie missions, and selling the points for cash - they'll be in such small quantities that it'll be unlikely you'll be picked - especially if you stay in Tortuga as long as possible, and take advantage of your row boat whilst you're sub level 5.

Note: We don't really care about defense at all this point. Make sure your speed remains above 30x your level however, because the key to it really is the sewers. [Sure you might be cow-ing for a bit, but any enemies you make now will feel your wrath soon enough.]

Since the sewer creatures you meet are reliant on your total strength + defense, training entirely strength makes you much more prepared and likely to beat a creature the moment you reach the level of meeting it for the first time.

Once you can beat Neptune's minion, Poseidon's fury, Skeleton Ranger and Black Beard's Ghost almost all the time you're sorted - this may sound crazy but stop training. These are the first of the creatures which really start to get you items as well as cash - if you can afford an RP (even if it's a basic) it all helps towards your chances of finding something and furthering your income. We'll ignore DPL and Mystic Fury for now, for reasons I'll explain in a minute.

As Dark Pirate Lord will be too strong for us yet, and since he appears at around 72k str+def, we'll aim to keep our total for those two less than this, but still attempting to maximise our likelihood of killing the other creatures (say around 65k strength.)

As you make money, upgrade your hideout a little and transfer most of it to snuff as you go (so you're not tempted by 50/50.) Remember however that you only get 10 more awake each time, for double the investment so try and be sensible about it. Build up some points from voting and promissary notes, and you can get someone to buy you an RP whether if you wish, but it's not essential. Keep some around for healing quicker in the times you're bored!


This is my suggested basis of playing the game for a while - and it's been proved to be very successful by a few players recently based on my observations. You will level a lot, and doing this without gaining any stats will gain the attention of other players. Chances are unless you're discrete and do this in a port somewhere out in the middle of nowhere, you will spend a fair amount of time dead from players looking to level off you.

If you're fairly well known and not an idiot in your time here, chances are some players might build up some sort of respect for you and only kill you primarily when you're off-line. A lot of cows spend ALL of their time dead, mainly because they got their levels through poison running - which annoys a lot of players (including me.) Of course if you never talk to anyone (which is boring admittedly) then a lot of people might not even notice you at all, or be unsure of your stats and leave you alone.

After you're bored of this repetition, keep going and going until you're tempted to leave the game - only then you will be ready.

Once you have fairly significant sums of money saved up (I guess we're talking in the tens of millions) then go for broke training up your strength as high as you can to try and take down Dark Pirate Lord.

Until recently DPL was the biggest creature in the sewers, and was programmed in a way that he could kill the strongest of all players, regardless of stats. This is why we haven't tried to take him until now. Some players have now got to the stage of being able to beat him so close to 100% of the time, that they were bored and so Mystic Fury was introduced in an update.

Once you start meeting him, keep training until you can beat him a most of the time. He will kill you fairly regularly regardless of your stats for a while, which is why I suggested merely saving your cash for so long to prepare to (hopefully) train right until the point of being able to beat him nearly all the time immediately. This will save a lot of frustration, until Mystic Fury comes around this. I'm not quite sure of the total number of str+def you need to meet this one, but then again this was only meant to be a rough guide so there are some things you have to discover for yourself (since I'm not there myself yet.)

The basic idea from now on is to continue training strength like this until it's just less than the total str+def needed to beat the next character up, and then continue sewering at that level without training until you have enough funds to hopefully shoot up in stats really quickly - allowing you to bypass most of the pain.

Until you're so rich you don't know what to do with yourself, you can continue to sewer for funds until the cows come home. Then you can continue to spend it on training and even make it into the halls of fame, all with little or no investment on your part, except time.

Before now your levels will have been the bain of your existence. With your high levels and now well established income, you can start training for player vs. player battles, the only challenge left in the PQ world. Now you're at the top you could even train some defense, since it's been of absolutely no use until now - defense builds are only good for PvP in my opinion - there is no room in the sewers for them unless your strength is very high too.

Feel free to express opinions, make corrections/suggestions etc. here, I hope I've been of some help to someone out there. This is by no means a complete guide on how to play the game, everyone plays differently and that's the point.

Heck, if you fancy it you could buy a ship and do some crew training whilst you're out there.

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Guides Empty A DC Guide

Post  Amelinda Jax on Mon Aug 03, 2009 3:55 pm

So I'm tired of telling noobs these, so just making a thread to send them a link too...theres no real need to bump this unless you think its a good thing for new players to read, or you want to put in additions.

Join a training fleet:

3 "Make-Sure's" make sure they have these before you join

1: atleast 1-2 bufanda's (for the fleet, their personal does not count)
2: An active fleet leader with the 50mil hideout, preferably a couple hundred days under their belt (though age does lie, look at my account says I'm like 90 days old but I've been playing the game for almost 2 years now.) and a high raiting. You want one atleast 250-300 +/- because you know you can trust them
3: Active fleet members, with RP days, if they like the game enough to pay for it, they wont stick around a crummy fleet.

Two Choices in PQ life:

1: Join a training fleet
2: Do the noobie Missions and your daily's (you'll want to vote first, then pillage, then map)
3: Sell the points you got from the noobie missions at current market price is around 7500, so if you sell all 200 (I think, right guys you get 200?) you'll make 1.5mil
4: take 1mil of it to buy a barques put the other 500k into a hideout
5: smuggle with the barques to the 1mil hideout.
6: get snuff by smuggling with the barques.


Follow directions 1-3
4: Talk to some of the big fleet owners and offer to do poison runs for them if they supply the poison.
5: Do a run for whoever takes you up on your offer
6: continue 4-5 until you reach level 200
7: Buy a swash pack and either a 5k points pack, or sell RP packs.
this will get you 6.5k points (or more if you sell RP packs) sell these on points market get 49-ish mil at current value.
8: get the 30mil hideout buy 19mil worth of snuff (roughly 24k snuff) borrow a bufanda from your fleet.
9: train until you reach 70k str 0 def 20k spd
*You may need to sell your hideout for the next one down to have enough snuff*
10: Sewer until your level 350 without training , take the snuff you've made and train until you have: 150k str, 0 def, 50k spd
11: Sewer until your level 5-600 without training , take the snuff you've made train to 1mil str, 150k def, 250k spd.
12: Sewer every day until you get your second warning, take the money you made buy snuff, and train until your bored. every day.

So You Want To Die

1: Begging is a no-no. Do Not Do This...You will be killed Smile

2: PPing high levels if your an unknown noob usually is followed by a quick death.

3: Killing online training fleet members is bad...the leaders will kill you, possibly several times. and it may get you removed from whatever fleet You're in

4: Killing online Fleet allies, will get you kicked from your fleet. Your fleet Should tell you this, but not all pay attention so it is stated here.

5: Insulting a highly respected player will lead to your death by his/her allies.

So you've been playing the game for a little while, learned the ropes and you want to make a fleet


2: if you must disobey #1 make sure you have atleast:
A: 2 Bufanda's, one for you, one for your fleet.
B: Plenty of time, your newbs will ask you questions nearly non-stop
C: You are online alot, and are responsible. your noobs will ask for stuff out of the vault (even if you've got it set so all can loan) and you'll have to send it to them.

3: Just remember owning a fleet is like owning a've got to look after it, protect it, feed it, and at times use it to kill the neighbors dog (war)

My fleet leader doesn't know better then me, I'm going to disobey their orders and do it Anyway!


Your fleet leader acts like they know more then you because they do You break their orders at your own risk. and some times if its bad enough you'll be removed from their fleet.

Several "do-not's"

1: Do not gamble more then you can afford to lose.
2: Do not attack fleet allies
3: Do not swear, say racist remarks, or insult people needlessly.
4: Dont worry
5: Do Not ruin others fun


1: Have fun
2: do your daily's every day
3: make friends

*Option 2 of 2 choices in PQ life* If you do not want to spend 50 dollars to play this game, think about all the games you've bought for 65 bucks that you beat in a month. now this game you can play indeffinetely for only 50 Smile
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