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Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:47 pm

Sometimes we come along a higher leveled player who is an easy kill and gives us lots of experience ie and EXP cow.

When we come along such a player, post the battle log here along with a link to the profile so they can be easily found by other fleet members.

Unfortunately with the recent clean up I am not sure who the lower level exp cows are But I have no doubt you will come across them and share them in here!

Exp cows are good to level us and the fleet. In order to gain fleet exp they must be in a fleet though. So keep that in mind.

Normally you will go about your normal routine and when you are about to level, say between [90%] and [98%] you will find such an exp cow, level up on him which will take you to your next level, and gain lots of exp.

When posting a new exp cow please include a link to his profile or if you odn't know BB code then just copy and paste the address...also list stats and/or battle log.

lvl 224
* Strength: 207.0
* Defense: 902.0
* Charisma: 25.0
* Speed: 201.7
* Total: 1,311
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