Trailboss's tips for training, sewering and equipment

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Trailboss's tips for training, sewering and equipment Empty Trailboss's tips for training, sewering and equipment

Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:01 pm

Argh...Them der waters may be dangerous but the land can claim yer life as easy. So here be a couple tips fer ye scallywags.

It be important first to determine what weapon meet yer fancy. DE ol' pistols or de rusty blades?

(enough pirate lingo)

Once you know what weapons you would like to use it's very important to train your stats accordingly.

I know I have a basic idea of how to train. That's great!!!

Swordsmen need to train strength and speed while gunners train defense. Simple right? It is...really. But there are aspects to it. Like equipment.

Me, being a gunner, my most common set-up is a pirate's hat, Masterful Studded Leather, Precision Flintlock Pistol, and Mayan Sword.

That set-up maxes out my defense. I'm not concerned with speed or strength. Nor should a swordsmen be concerned with defense.

Now here comes some you might not have known. And this is basically for gunners cause we have so much more to worry about along the lines of equipment.....but the set-up I just gave you is for my pirate kills only. I have a complete different set-up for the sewers.

Sewer monsters are conquered by strength and speed. So as far as gunners go, we have to adapt to them. Unlike swordsmen, cause they train strength and speed already.

With me so far?

My sewer set-up is as follows...

Pirates hat, Spider Silk Mail, Dussage or Broad Cutlass, Mayan Spear. Even though that set-up takes away from my defense it adds to my strength and speed.

Well that's a basic shakedown. If you have any questions please let me know.

And Garet if I missed something or have something wrong let me know that also so I can correct it.
Amelinda Jax
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