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Misc Fleet Rules Empty Misc Fleet Rules

Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 10:03 pm

There be no dues, but all donations are welcome and encouraged.
All active and loyal members will receive assistance from the fleet to the best of our ability.
We loan what we can from the vault.
We will assist with ship and hideouts for members who prove loyal to the fleet.
You earn your titles in the fleet, level has nothing to do with it, training and participation do.

Our simple rules are as followed:
1)Have fun playing.
2) No online hits unless we are at war. Sea attacks are fine.
3)Pickpocket anytime, if your carrying your asking for it. Just be prepared to accept the repercussions from your actions. Pick a higher level and expect to die, how many times depends on the player you are picking.
4)TRAIN,TRAIN,TRAIN and crew leveling to!
5)Stay active in fleet events and forums. If you are out for more then 4 days without notice you get the black spot, 7 days will get you an instant boot .
6)Help the fleet and it's members as best you can. Contribute to the vault. After all it is there to help you!
7)Deposit your money in your treasure chest before logging off.
8)Obey all guidelines or Walk The Plank!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9)Don't hit allies. If you do please PM me or a member of the fleet council ASAP
10)Absolutely No Scamming of any kind. If we find out you scammed someone you'll will be kicked and FM will probably ban you.
11)No cash Cow killing. Only if it is "our" cash cow.
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