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Post  Amelinda Jax on Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:07 pm

As previously discusses in the firefox thread, make a folder of your targets to cut down your time on land.

Deposit your treasure chest money into the vault AFTER war is declared so as not to lose it when you log out at sea, get sunk and plundered.

When on land where a Ludicrous hat. Will make it harder for an opponent to locate you.

When logging out at sea change your stance to coward and put on a Hero Helm, this increases the chances that you will escape an attack and make it harder for your opponent to sink you!

When logging off, log out at sea, and bash into rocks until your hp is down to 0.

While online, stay off land unless making a kill, when at sea keep your ship hp below 50% by bashing into rocks, this will keep you under the radar and still allow to sink ships, and when on land you can consume Strange Snuff until your HP is below 50% and keep consuming Strange Snuff every few minutes to keep it there, this makes you unattackable on land.

When a ship is sunk at sea it goes under the radar. Over time it naturally repairs itself and becomes visible at 50%. These are the times for each ship poppong up on the radar again.

Max HP 40
10 Minutes

Max HP 80
20 Minutes

Max HP 100
25 Minutes

Merchant Galleon
Max HP 100
25 Minutes

Max HP 120
30 Minutes

Max HP 130
33 Minutes

English Galleon
Max HP 140
35 Minutes

Spanish Galleon
Max HP 150
38 Minutes

French Galleon
Max HP 155
39 Minutes

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