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MSN war window/fleet window or chat window Empty MSN war window/fleet window or chat window

Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:54 pm

When going to war or doing fleet activities it is always good to start a group convo going.

Everyone will know what is going on and can communicate easier.

For example, in a war, say 4 people are online, if those 4 people are in a window they can divide up the map and say ok, I got this section, you get this section etc etc. This will ensure we are all working together as a team and covering all grounds, also not bumping in to each other and wasting time. Without it you could have all 4 people going for 1 kill while 3 other targets are alive and well.

So next time there are any activities or wars, hop on msn and start a convo if their is not one already. Add everyone in the fleet that is online and keep it going.

To add multiple people to one window..

in a window with one member click actions

then click add invite another contatc to this conversation

Check other fleetmates that are online and that is that.

We can also use the chat window located on the main page in our offsite forum.
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