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Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:54 pm

Get it here [url][/url]
Check here for updates and report problems
One of the pirates that plays PQ, Gilgalad, developed a sidebar to use when playing PQ.
It is an absolutley onderful addition.
*below taken from Gil's thread
"The main features are:
- Easier banking. Deposit and withdraw quickly without needing to change tabs.
- Complete Training System. Does everything the training page can and more including a training log which records a number of details about each training session. Includes captcha popup for the user to enter the code.
- Use Edibles and Points. Use a rum before a battle or a snuff after training; Heal faster after death or refill your energy to train more
- Character and Ship Data. Works very well in conjunction with edibles, points, and training. use a couple of snuff, a few points and see the changes in your character data.
- Quick change. Equip, unequip, or swap your worn equipment through an easy to use picture and menu system.
- Link Fixer. It's a small feature but one that saves headaches. Ever come across a link for pirate quest that wanted you to log in again? you use and the link points to Well which ever one you use, the links will be fixed for you automatically."
It also does neat little things like have a 30 second countdown in between pick pockets, and when you are sinking ships it shows you the type of ship you are attacking...sloop, warship, caravel, barques etc.
There are directions on the download page for how to install it and view it.
On your top toolbar you will see File, Edit, View,
Click view
click sidebar
click piratequesting
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