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Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 8:55 pm

Firefox is a great tool to use when playing PQ. There are so many benefits to using firefox instead of internet explorer or other web browsers.
Get it here [url][/url]
One of the main things is the ability to make links in the toolbar. You can make a link for set sail, sewering, training, etc. Whatever you want to access easily.
Go to the page you want to bookmark, for example, sewers...
go to sewers,
right click on page and click on Bookmark this page.
A box will pop up. Edit the Name to sewers and Change the Folder to Bookmark Toolbar.
Hit done.
Now on your toolbar you will see a link for sewers, click on it and it automatically brings you into sewers.
For using it to set sail you need to follow those same directions but when done,
right click on link in toolbar
click on properties, and change the address to
It is also very helpful during war. You can have a folder with all of your targets instead of going to the fleet page and choosing your target. Cuts down on time.
Right click on toolbar
Click add new folder
Name folder the name of fleet you are going to war with
Then go to that fleets page
right click on member name
click on bookmark this link
edit name to the name of the person
edit file to the fleet folder.
Then as you go around from port to port making your hits, all you have to do is click on the folder, highlight the members name and it will bring you straight to their profile. Saves on step therefor reducing time. At war, if the other fleet is fighting back, it is important to make your trips on land as fast as possible and this will definitely help you.
You can also open up multiple tabs. For instance you are at sea, open up a new tab with your opponents profile, go back to the sea map in the other tab, port, click on the profile in the other tab and hit attack, go back to port tab and set sail. You can port, hit attack and set sail within seconds if using multiple tabs.
When sinking ships it also helps.
Set sail,
find nearby ships to attack
where it says attack, click on the wheel of your mouse
if you have an older mouse that does not have a wheel, hold down the control button while clicking on attack.
do this for 3 ships.
Then on the last one just click attack normally without using the wheel or holding down control.
This opens up the battle log in new tabs. The last ship you sunk, if the captcha code pops up, enter in the code and then go to the other tabs, click F5 and it ill automatically refresh. Close down all windows and then port.
It seems complicated but it really does make sinking ships easier and faster I promise. Give it a try!
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