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Tips For Sewering Empty Tips For Sewering

Post  Amelinda Jax on Wed Jul 29, 2009 9:55 pm

You can post anything sewer related in here, good finds, tips etc...

Tips for sewers

...originally posted by a great mate of mine...thanks rkuehn!

Rough guide to sewer creatures and when you will start getting them.

There are 7 creatures below 100 stats

At around 8,000 stats overall
Giant Crab HP: 400

At around 13,500 stats overall
Crazy Rabid Monkey HP: 600

At around 18,000 stats overall
Minotaur HP:800

At around 22,000stats overall
Mythic Hero HP:800

At around 26,000 stats overall
Neptune Minion HP:2,200

At around 35,000
Poseidon's Fury HP: 3,200

At around 46,000 stats overall
Blackbeard's Ghost HP: 3,800

At around 48,000 stats overall
Skeleton Ranger HP: 4,000

At around 80-85K stats
Dark Pirate Lord HP: 12,000

Ok The stats that determine your overall is only str+def, speed is not added. So when your str+def are => 8,000 you will start to fight the crab.

This is good info because you want to get enough stats to beat the current creature but not too many, or you get a harder one. So stay just below the next creatures stats and you should beat the sewers with out getting killed.

I found that I needed to raise my strength quite a bit to kill them on the first hit. You don't want the Rabid monkey throwing stinky poo on you.

The next tip is speed. Unless you want to fall through the wood floor and die you have to have speed. Once you get your speed to 30% X your level. you will not fall in but jump back just in time.

Once you get your speed and creature set just start clicking on the sewers. Refill your energy and start over. Of corse the higher you are the cheaper it become to go in. You will get several more tries for the same cost to refill your energy. You might want to throw on a vigor to get a couple extra tries.

I also like to drink opium before I start it helps str and def a lot. When I die I just pay the doc 3 times and I am back in in 2 1/2 min. In the end it's been cheaper than mapping and pillaging and I have found a ton of stuff.

Hope this helps. PM me if you got any questions.
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