Possible Fleet Competitions

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Possible Fleet Competitions Empty Possible Fleet Competitions

Post  Amelinda Jax on Fri Jul 31, 2009 2:43 pm

We would like to start having regular fleet competitions....if you have any ideas please feel free to suggest them.

Some possibilities are...

And ongoing pillaging contest....
you post your first 100 pirates on pillaging...then update every day. The first person to have every pirate bring back something gets a prize. Remember...only the first 100 pirates....not the extra pillages we get free every day or extra pillages you may pay for. Long competition but fun.

Crew Leveling Competition...
"Alphabet Tag". The object of the game is to sink one (or more) ships beginning with each letter of the alphabet, in order. Once you take score for a ship with a letter, you can't go back. There's a penalty for missed letters. As I type I'm coming up with a scoring scheme, so it'll need some tuning.

2 points for the first ship with each letter
1 point for each additional ship with that letter, sunk before the next letter is scored
-10 points for each missed letter
1 point bonus for any ship giving $500 or more
1 point additional bonus for a ship giving $1000
30 points for shortest time A-Z

Game runs for a fixed duration. As each player completes a letter, they log their events to a forum post.....

Training Competition...
We will give $50,000 to a winner. What's the game and how do you win?
Easy, just play and train. Twice a month, on the 1st and the 15th, we ask that you send in your stats, be honest. Include your level and percentage too. Please post them on the competition - stats thread in the forum, PM’s may get lost or deleted. Stats can still be posted in the stats thread more frequently in addition.

The winner will be determined by the following:
The pirate with the largest increase in stats compared to their level over the time period. We are not saying don’t level up because that is part of the game, but an increase in level will affect your ‘score’.

Once you reach a certain level, and have a certain number of stats (total) you will get a bonus of $100,000
Level 15 – 600 stats
Level 20 – 1200 stats
Level 25 – 2700 stats
Level 30 – 5,200 stats
Level 35 – 7,700 stats
Level 40 – 10,200 stats
If you get to these stats, and are a much higher level, you will not be eligible for the bonus.

Best All-Around Pirate Competition
This will start on Sunday and run for five weeks. I will start a new thread in the forum for everyone to list their stats and crew levels by Sunday server change and then the competition will begin. This is what Amelinda and I will be looking for from you all:

1.Gains in attributes
2.Gains in crew level
3.Activity in the Forums (both PQ and Fleet)
4.Activity in the attack log (and not just killing the level 5s
5.Participation in the wars during that stretch

This will be a bit subjective and we will decided the winners at the end of five week, so train hard, but most importantly have some fun, that's what PQ is supposed to be all about...

My one and only RL and PQ love, my wonderful husband Garet Jax

He came and swept me off my feet, put a smile in my heart, a laugh in my eyes, a bounce in my step and has shown me a world of sweet happiness. ∞
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